Private Candidate Information

The school has limited capacity in the exam venues available to it. Therefore, we have decided that until further notice we will only be able to accept a private entry from candidates who fall into one of the following three groups:

1. Current students of the school who wish to make an entry for a subject that they do not study on their timetable.

2. Former students of the school.

3. Private candidates who have previously entered for an exam through the school, whether or not they were actually able to sit that exam.

These arrangements will apply until further notice.

Where entries are accepted, this will only usually be for the summer season.

We apologise to anyone who is disappointed by these decisions, but we have to work within the constraints that we are currently experiencing.

An application form for a private entry is available on request by emailing

Please mention in your email the level, board and subject for the entry or entries that you wish to make so that we can confirm the availability for private candidates, since the boards impose various restrictions. In particular, we cannot usually accept entries for any subject that includes either an NEA component or an endorsement (except in the case of a resit where a previous result for either of these two elements can be carried forward). We will also notify you of the fee at this point.

Please be aware that we will only usually accept private entries until the 31st of January in any academic year.