Curriculum Structure

In this section you can learn more about how we organise the curriculum and support students in their learning.

The school week is divided into 25 periods. There are 5 periods per day, with 4 periods before lunch and 1 period in the afternoon. The school operates a two week timetable. Period 5 on a Friday forms part of a wider Personal Development programme that includes mentoring, development of broader learning skills, a variety of outside speakers, and enrichment activities designed to enhance the core curriculum.

Key Stage 3 - Years 7, 8 and 9

Ability Setting

In Year 7, pupils are taught in mixed ability forms for most subjects, with smaller groups for Languages, Technology and PE. In Years 8 and 9, pupils are divided into three equal cohort groups. Within these cohorts, pupils are ‘set’ independently for Science, PE, English and their Humanities (ie History, Geography, RE). They are set across the year for Maths and are in mixed ability groups for Languages, Technology, Art, Drama, Music, Personal Development and Computing.

Lessons per fortnight

  Year 7 Year 8 Year 9
English 6 6 6
Mathematics 6 6 6
Science 6 6 6
Art 2 2 2
Computing 2 2 2
D&T / Food 3 4 4
Drama 2 3* 2
Languages 4 8 4
Geography 4 4 3
History 4 3 3
Music 2 2* 2
PE / Games 4 3 4
Personal Development 1 3* 1
RE 2 2 3

*Subjects taught in rotation

Key Stage 4 - Years 10 and 11

Core Curriculum

Although there is an element of choice at this Key Stage, all pupils follow a common core of subjects:

  • English Language and literature – 8 hours per fortnight
  • Mathematics – 6 hours per fortnight
  • Science – 9 hours per fortnight for double award or 14 hours per fortnight for triple award (chosen as one of students’ 4 options)
  • RE (full GCSE) – 2 lesson per fortnight
  • Core PE (non examined) – 2 lesson per fortnight

Options Subjects

In addition to this core curriculum, students are able to select 4 options, providing a broad choice of subjects. It is normal for the majority of our students to choose one or more modern foreign languages and either Geography, History or both

Option choices are unrestricted and students are guided in their selections. Each option subject is taught through 5 lesson per fortnight. More information about the GCSE options can be found here:

Key Stage 5- Sixth Form

6th Form Curriculum Structure and Entry Requirements

All entrants to the sixth form must apply to study at least 3 recognised courses. A Level courses are taught in 8 hours per fortnight with Further Maths. Sixth Formers must take part in compulsory games lesson and are encouraged to represent the School if required during the week and at weekends.

In recognition of our academic offering, all entrants must have a minimum of 5 full GCSEs or equivalent at grades 9-5, which include both English (Language or Literature) and Mathematics, and with 3 of their passes at grade 6 or above. Additionally, all entrants must fulfil subject course entrance requirements as specified in the Sixth Form Prospectus. We are able to consider students who do not meet all of these requirements, but such applicants can only be offered places if there is very compelling other evidence which satisfies the School that they can and will cope with the Sixth Form curriculum and expectations of St George’s.

This website has a section devoted to the 6th form with more detailed information: