ClickView TV

Watch movies, tv, documentaries anywhere...

ClickView enables our school to store, manage and deliver HD video via our network, giving every computer in the school access to thousands of high-quality educational videos from leading content providers. 

The most significant feature of the ClickView utility is the new ClickView Online, which gives teachers and students access to our school's video library on the Internet. Whatever videos we have available in school, they are available online for teachers and students to browse and watch through a web browser or mobile device (using the Clickview App)

Now our video library is open for use all hours, anytime it's needed. Download and read the guide below, then access the system via the ‘Login Page’ link. Enter your SCHOOL EMAIL & PASSWORD.

ClickView Online – Staff /Student User Guides*

ClickView Online – Login Page

*Adobe Acrobat Reader is needed to view the guide – click here to download the latest version

On the go: Download the ClickView App.  Log-in with your ClickView Online details. 


For assistance with ClickView Online, please contact