St George's WiFi

Configuring For Android / Chrome Device

  • Select “Settings”, look for Wireless & Networks and select Wi-Fi.
  • Select “Add network”. Enter St-Georges-Student in the Network SSID.
  • Select “802.1x EAP” or “802.1x Enterprise” (older version of Android) under "Security".
  • Select “PEAP” and “MSCHAPv2” as below.
  • Select "Certificate" and "do not validate"
  • Enter your school login credential.
  • The phone will try to connect to St-Georges-Student when it is available.
  • Or you can also initiate the connection if the automatic connection doesn’t work. Do this by selecting “St-Georges-Student” and “Connect”.
  • When connected, to check your IP address, hit the St-Georges-Student once and it will show the IP and signal strength.
  •  You have successfully connected to St-Georges-Student. 


Configuring For Windows Device

Please follow the instructions below "Manually Connect your Windows Laptop"