RM Portico / St George's WiFi

RM Portico 

RM Portico allows users to access their school 'My Documents' and 'RM Shared' from any browser, on any device, from anywhere outside school.

This means that you can access notes, revision materials and homework tasks using any computer, tablet or smartphone the same way you would in school.

You can access RM Portico by clicking on the logo below, however you will need to know your school username and password.

A full set of instructions on using Portico can be found at the bottom of this page.

Configuring For Android / Chrome Device

  • Select “Settings”, look for Wireless & Networks and select Wi-Fi.
  • Select “Add network”. Enter St-Georges-Student in the Network SSID.
  • Select “802.1x EAP” or “802.1x Enterprise” (older version of Android) under "Security".
  • Select “PEAP” and “MSCHAPv2” as below.
  • Select "Certificate" and "do not validate"
  • Enter your school login credential.
  • The phone will try to connect to St-Georges-Student when it is available.
  • Or you can also initiate the connection if the automatic connection doesn’t work. Do this by selecting “St-Georges-Student” and “Connect”.
  • When connected, to check your IP address, hit the St-Georges-Student once and it will show the IP and signal strength.
  •  You have successfully connected to St-Georges-Student. 


Configuring For Windows Device

Please follow the instructions below "Manually Connect your Windows Laptop"