Art & Design

We believe that Art is for ALL and we teach students to be confident and successful in their work. We have an exciting and varied curriculum that:
Builds creative confidence
Develops artistic skills
Develops aesthetic awareness
Builds knowledge and the ability to articulate views
Enables students to produce quality outcomes
Each year around 25 students go on to degree courses in the creative sector. It all starts at KS3 and continues through KS4 and KS5 where we want students to have FUN, enjoy art and artists, and feel proud of their creative outcomes.

Key stage 3 (years 7, 8 & 9)

Art is taught in mixed ability groups. Students will have one hour each week. Practical art work encompasses a huge variety of techniques and use of equipment ranging from:

  • 3D wire
  • Clay
  • Drawing
  • Painting on canvas and paper
  • Sketchbook work
  • Printmaking

Most art lessons encompass one to one advice and sketch book work is teacher assessed at regular intervals. We encourage our young artists to be self reflective and they are taught how to be  aware of how they can refine their own art work. 

Prep is typically set once a week and varies between practical art work and research. The majority of prep is completed in students’ A4 hard back sketch books. These provide a wonderful documentation of their time and progress in KS3 at St George’s. A treasure to keep!

Curriculum Maps

Key stage 4 (years 10 & 11)

Art is a popular option subject at GCSE. We follow the AQA Fine Art course. As an option subject, groups are mixed ability and students have 5 one hour long lessons per fortnight.

The AQA course is assessed as two components: Course work and then an Externally set exam. Both are practical but encompass some written analysis of artists and their own work. All work is Teacher assessed and externally moderated and it is normal for 85% of our students to achieve grades 7 to 9.
Students receive one-to-one feedback every week and more detailed feedback when they have completed an A2 sheet, which is normally every three weeks.

In year 10 students undertake a themed project that culminates in a large painted canvas. They also complete a drawing exam. In year 11 students choose their own theme which culminates with the mock exam in December. The Externally set exam completed in April also encourages a personal choice.

Key stage 5 (years 12 & 13)

Art is a hugely popular and successful subject at A level. Outcomes are outstanding with the majority of our students achieve an A or A*. Over 25 students regularly go on to creative degree courses. A highlight of the course is a 4 day trip to Florence in year 12.

We offer three separate endorsements at A level:

  • Fine Art
  • Graphic communication
  • Photography

We undertake the Edexcel syllabus which comprises of two components: A personal portfolio and an Externally set assignment.

In year 12 a series of skills based workshops is followed by a self chosen themed project that culminates in an outcome produced over two days in the summer term. In year 13 students choose their own theme that culminates with the mock exam in December. In February the externally set assignment is issued. This also encourages personal choice and leads to a final outcome produced over 3 days at the start of the summer term. Finally, we host a wonderful exhibition in May.

Additional Opportunties

  • Year 9 Art study day
  • Year 10 Art trip to Tate Britain.
  • Careers in Art evening. Open to all year 11 and 12 artists
  • Year 12 Art trip to Tate Modern.
  • Year 12 Art trip to Florence.