Founders Trust News

We at the Founders Trust have been continuing to work hard in the background, and we are very pleased to report
that you, as families, have also been continuing in the background to support us. It has been a tough time for
everybody; whether in terms of job security, physical and mental health struggles, home schooling, and then to find
that it wasn’t toilet roll you needed to stock up on - but paper & ink for the printer! I’m sure as a community we are
luckier than most, but I’m also sure that the majority of us will not look back on this time too fondly. So that being
said, we really appreciate your ongoing support, and if nothing else, this time has taught us how much we value our
school, it’s staff and our extended St George’s community.

We had lots of enquiries about how to support the Founder’s Trust at the new Y7 Induction Evening for Parents, including how to increase the donation when a new sibling starts. If you would like to support the Founder’s Trust you can download the Direct Debit form from here, and hand the completed form into the school office. If you would like to increase an existing donation, it’s even easier – just email our treasurer on

Jane Hyman for CGFT

(For full report see below)