Religious Education

The principal aim of RE at St George’s School is to engage students to enquire into the significant human questions which philosophy, religion and ethics address. Students are encouraged to consider, empathise and debate a wide range of issues with the ultimate aim of preparing students for life in the modern world.  The RE department is committed to developing student’s capabilities to question, investigate and secure knowledge of the core beliefs and practices of world religions, key philosophical questions and ethical topics. RE also aims to develop student’s evaluative skills and their ability to express considered opinions on world issues.

Key stage 3 (years 7, 8 & 9)

RE in Year 7 and 8 is taught in mixed ability groups, with all students receiving an hour a week teaching.  The curriculum is designed to cover the objectives listed below using a variety of engaging activities to inspire a lifelong love of the subject:

To develop student’s knowledge and understanding in the following key areas: 

  • Ethical topics that are relevant in contemporary British life for example war and beginning and ending life
  • Gaining accurate knowledge of religious beliefs and practices from the major world religions 
  • Insight into big philosophical questions such as why we are here and who we are 

To develop student’s skills and sense of enquiry in the following key areas: 

  • Evaluation of religious, ethical and philosophical issues using evidence to express an opinion and make an informed judgement 
  • Investigate religious beliefs and practices  
  • Empathise with the thoughts, feelings, experiences, attitudes and beliefs of others 
  • Interpret the meaning of symbols and stories 
  • Analyse and explain similarities and differences between religious, philosophical and ethical beliefs
  • Discuss issues using specialist language

This knowledge will be assessed in a range of ways throughout the course with students working on one summative assessment each half term that could take the form of a knowledge test, presentation, essay or exam.

Students will receive a ‘prep’ task each week.

Curriculum Maps

Key stage 4 (years 10 & 11)

Students follow the AQA GCSE RS specification focusing on key beliefs and practices in Christianity and Islam and thematic studies including relationships and families and crime and punishment. Students receive an hour a week teaching time and begin the GCSE course in Year 9 (where they receive 3 hours over the fortnight of RE)

The GCSE course is assessed entirely through examination with students sitting two exam papers at the end of the course. 

Key stage 5 (years 12 & 13)

Students follow the OCR A Level Religious Studies specification, covering development of Christian thought (theology), Philosophy and Ethics . Students receive eight hours teaching a fortnight.  

The A Level course is assessed entirely through three examinations which students sit at the end of the course. . 

Additional Opportunities

The faculty offers a ‘digging deeper’ super curriculum which is available to all students via Google Classroom