School Closure


What you need to do in advance:

  • Consider where your child would be able to go if I have to close the school early (friend’s house, stay at school until collected?)
  • How they may get home (going home with a friend, picked up by someone else in the village etc.)
  • Make sure your child understands what you are expecting them to do
  • Sign up for Twitter MissB_at_StGs and Instagram  (I normally post a warning on here if there is information available elsewhere)
  • Sign up with the Hertfordshire County Council’s School Closure Notification system (see below)
  • Make sure that the school has your most recent email address.
  • Download the Edulink App for your mobile device and make sure you have logged in to the App. (Click here for more information)

What to do on the day:

  • Regularly check the school website for information about closure (
  • Regularly check Twitter Miss B_at_StGs and Instagram
  • Regularly check Edulink and Email

I endeavour to make decisions on closures as early as possible and make every effort to inform parents of the decision as promptly and efficiently as I can. I ask for your patience and understanding at this difficult time.

Miss Barton

Hertfordshire County Council's School Closure Notification system

In the event of severe weather, a public emergency or unforeseen circumstances,  it may be necessary for a school to close or partially close.

In order to ensure parents and guardians are informed as quickly as possible of anything that may have an impact on a normal school day, this notification system has been put in place to enable messages from schools to be sent immediately via text message, email and a voice message (if required).

Please take 5 minutes to register your details for any Hertfordshire school your child attends so that you can receive immediate information and updates