Year 12 Comments Autumn 2019

Ella Murphy

Starting St George’s Sixth Form, even as an existing St George’s student, was very daunting for me as I knew it would be a massive change to the school life I had known for five years.  However, within the first few days I felt settled and comfortable in this new environment.  The atmosphere in Sixth Form is welcoming and encouraging with the Sixth Form staff always around to talk and advise us.  Everybody integrates with one another, the previous students among with the new pupils, and a real sense of community is built up over a short period of time as we all start a new chapter of our education.

Sixth Form has also allowed me to support other students in the younger years through mentoring and in-class support, creating a wider school community, which is what I find so special and unique about St George’s.  The one-to-one mentoring that we do once a week with the Year 7s encourages them to settle into a new school as well as building a relationship so they have a familiar face to see around during the school day.  Not only this, but the different year groups mix to compete together in the many House events offered by the School, such as House Music, House Art and House Lacrosse or Rugby, breaking down any year group boundaries and encouraging friendships to develop, along with a sense of teamwork.

The transition from GCSEs to A Levels was always going to be a great leap, but the study periods that we are given during the school day develop a sense of independence and structure of work which hugely helps me to stay on top of my work.  There is also an outstanding system of support that students can seek if they are struggling with this new independent style of learning.  This includes the Sixth Form staff, Heads of House, Form tutors and teachers, so there is always someone there to help, which I have found very reassuring.  The independent learning not only develops self-discipline, but also a personal understanding and love for the subjects that you are studying, creating a real passion for learning.  I am very much looking forward to spending my next two years at St George’s, which are promising to be the best two years I’ve spent at the School so far.

David Ogolo

Having previously studied at two Luton secondary schools, I found myself at St George’s for my A Levels having been attracted by its brilliant reputation.  Initially I was sceptical about my ability to adjust to an entirely different environment, but to my surprise, I was fully adjusted into the School’s community within a few days.

The teachers were helpful and genuine to me from the start and the students that have attended this School since Year 7 have also helped me transition from the work load at GCSE in order to study four A Levels.  I knew that I would have to adjust my whole attitude and direction towards learning as I entered Sixth Form and, with the help of my teachers and friends, I’ve organised myself and my learning to achieve the best results possible

Hannah Evershed

I joined St George’s Sixth Form for a change of environment and new faces from my previous school, the Marlborough Science Academy.  Fortunately, I have found St George’s to be extremely welcoming and I can say that I’ve already made good, strong friendships with lots of internal students.

At first I was nervous to be starting a new school where I didn’t know anyone at all, but after getting lost a few times and forgetting a tonne of names, I can confidently say that I feel settled and a part of the community here.

The step up from GCSEs had definitely come with its challenges and I’ve learnt that, in order to enjoy my subjects fully, the extra prep and homework is essential.  However I’ve managed to keep on top of it while also getting involved in House events like House Music, which I really enjoy, and recommend doing if you want to immerse yourself in the St George’s spirit!

I’m looking forward to the next two years and getting involved in as much as I can, and I’m so happy to have chosen St George’s as the place to further my education.

Kate Downie

The change from Year 11 to Sixth Form was a bigger one than I had imagined, but after just a short while, I feel settled and comfortable within my subjects and classes.  After being at St George’s since Year 7, I was eager for a fresh new year and change in environment, and the shift from Year 11 to Sixth Form was just that.  There is a huge gain in independence, and I believe St George’s Sixth Form is the perfect place for a student wishing for success in their exams, with the determination to work hard and desire to be part of an amicable school community. 

While in the younger years, I had envisaged Sixth Form as being a daunting experience, with an overwhelming workload and no time for anything else.  However, I have found that to be untrue.  The work is manageable, with great support from both teachers and peers.  There is a huge sense of community amongst both the internal and external students, and many opportunities to get further involved with in the School, for example participating in House events and the chance to mentor a new Year 7 student.  These help to enrich your time in Sixth Form and can teach valuable skills beyond your chosen subjects.  Overall, A Levels are undoubtedly a large step-up from GCSEs and require dedication and the desire to learn, however St George's Sixth Form is much more than just that, and so far has been an enjoyable experience and one I feel privileged to be a part of.

Riann Corkish

Prior to joining St George’s Sixth Form as an external student, I was anxious about how well I would settle into the School and if it would be the best environment for me to excel in my A Levels.  Not only would I have to balance the significant step up from GCSE to A Level but also integrate into a completely new school in a new town. Fortunately, the transition into St George’s was an extremely easy and seamless process for me!  The students and staff were very friendly and made it their job to ensure I felt happy and welcome within the School, offering to guide me to my lessons and making sure any queries or worries I had were resolved.  This enabled me to adapt to the School comfortably and meant I found my place here very quickly allowing me to focus my attention on my studies.

St George’s not only offers the ideal working environment for anyone looking to strive in their A Levels and reach the highest grades, but also for anyone looking to grow as a person and learn skills that will set them up for life.  There is a plethora of extra curricular activities ranging from Chess Club to Rugby and even the opportunity to participate in inter House events such as ‘House Music’.  This allows students to embrace school life and feel part of a community whilst also gaining confidence and social skills.  There is something for everybody here at St George’s and new ideas and suggestions are always greatly appreciated by teachers.  I participated in House Music in my first term and loved every moment of it, it allowed me to make new friends and to truly feel part of the school community whilst also boosting my confidence in trying new things.

I am proud to call myself a Georgian and know that my experience at St George’s will be one that I look back on with great memories.  Anyone who is looking for the perfect working environment and to make friends and memories for life should definitely apply to the School and see for themselves what a great school St George’s is.

Alex Cregan

I had already been a student of St George’s for 5 years, yet it still struck me how welcome I was when I first walked into the Sixth Form.  I had always assumed Sixth Form was some far off impossible obstacle even in Year 11, but when you are immersed into the warm and friendly atmosphere at St George’s all worries simply become a distant memory.  From the comfort of having people who will always look out for you, whether they’re new or had already been at St George’s for 5 years – to the countless hours of help your teachers will give to you, whether you may struggle or may not - is what made Sixth Form something special not just for me, but for everyone here at St George’s.

The facilities provided in the Sixth Form are everything I could ever have wanted, from multiple areas to study or socialise, to the new and well looked-after canteen provided in the same area.  Whether you’re a boarder who had never even been in England before, or someone who had known the area all your life – everyone is integrated as one community in the Sixth Form, motivating each other every day to achieve your goals and the best results possible.  Although A Levels come with a very demanding workload outside of lessons – the support around you really does make a big impact on your confidence and belief you can do well.  You always have a sense of belonging also through which House you’re in, having the opportunity to collaborate and compete against others in almost anything imaginable covered through the House Events; whether you’re good at sports or have a love of dance - or even chess: there is everything available for everyone.

Also – outside of the school environment St George’s offers countless opportunities for trips and extracurricular activities, one of a kind against other Sixth Forms.  It could be joining one of the countless senior sports teams competing on the national stage, or achieving Gold in the Duke of Edinburgh awards.  Sixth Formers at St George’s can also be found trekking on glaciers in Iceland, or learning Chinese culture and Mandarin in Beijing.  To go with an outstanding quality of A Level education, there really is no other place like it in my opinion.  Therefore, I believe you joining the Sixth Form at St George’s would be the right decision for you, no matter what interests or experiences you have.

Skye Briers

I began Sixth Form at St George’s at the beginning of September 2019, after having previously lived in the Netherlands for over 10 years.  I attended a diverse international school with a range of over 75 different languages that allowed me to involve myself in the learning of foreign cultures.

Upon moving back to England I at first found myself worrying at the prospect of having to integrate myself into a new environment with a change so significant from my prior school.  However, since joining St George’s I have been immensely impressed with the support system and the overwhelming sense of welcome by both the staff and students, I have already made some new friendships.  My tutor has not only been very supportive but also encouraging, helping me to further adapt to the alteration and improve my time being a new student at St George’s.

Even before participating in GCSEs, a more creative path had always evoked interest in me.  When choosing my A Levels it was important that they were in line with my future prospects.  By coming to St George’s I have been able to take up Photography, Graphic Design and English Literature, subjects that I was incapable of taking at my last school.  The art department is brilliant and offers a selection of different options from fine art, graphic design and photography, standing out from other schools that I visited before applying to join St George’s.  The teachers have supported me throughout my learning, checking each lesson and encouraging me to reach my personal targets and thus achieve and produce the best work that I am capable of.  Joining St George’s has been a great move for me and I’m looking forward to discovering even more in the School’s society, along with getting involved with all the School has to offer.