Sixth Form Learning Contract

St George’s School encourages students to enter the Sixth Form who have decided to commit themselves to the high expectations and academic standards of the School.  Students will thrive in the Sixth Form through this agreement. 

The Sixth Form experience will provide:

  • a learning environment within which students can aim to reach their full potential.
  • a friendly, caring, supportive environment.
  • a Tutor team which monitors progress, provides guidance and assistance in setting targets for improvement.
  • an on-going monitoring process within which there will be parents’ evenings, academic reviews, written reports and interim assessments as appropriate.
  • the provision of suitable areas for private study.
  • the opportunity to develop interpersonal skills.
  • access to advice for careers, apprenticeships and university placements.

Sixth Form students will:

  • be active members of the School community.
  • accept the traditions and ethos of the School.
  • attend weekday House Chapel and Assembly.
  • join/initiate extra-curricular activities.
  • accept the Sixth Form Code of Conduct and Dress Code (includes the wearing of Sixth Form ID badges).
  • be considerate of others and act as a positive role model for the younger pupils.
  • accept the authority vested in all members of the School staff and act accordingly.
  • be determined to make the most of their time in the Sixth Form.
  • accept responsibility for their own learning with the support of subject teachers and the Sixth Form Staff, and use private study time in School effectively.
  • complete all prep/work to the required standard by the set deadline.
  • bring the necessary equipment/work/prep to the lessons as required.
  • attend all lessons and registrations punctually.
  • attend and engage with all Friday 5s (enrichment/information sessions).

 June 2020