Sixth Form Dress Code (Uniform Rules)

This policy is designed to comply with the School’s Equal Opportunities Policy and allows for Sixth Formers to express individuality whilst keeping to common, formal guidelines.


  • A formal tailored suit.  The blazer must be identical to the trousers/skirt
  • Skirt/dress length must be no shorter than just above the knee.
  • Suit jackets must be worn at all times.
  • A smart collared shirt with tie/bow tie or a collared blouse, with sleeves and covering the midriff.
  • Plain, smart, black or brown polishable shoes.
  • Dark plain socks, plain tights or footsie socks.
  • A natural colour, clean and tidy hair.


  • Plain (one colour) fine knit V-neck jumper, fine knit cardigan or waistcoat.
  • A fine knit polo neck can be worn instead of a blouse or shirt.
  • A formal sleeved dress (no shorter than justabove the knee) may be worn instead of a suit and must be worn with a blazer.
  • Make-up, if worn, must be discreet.
  • Jewellery, if worn, must be kept to a minimum.  One small pair of earrings only.
  • In the summer term onlythe option of a blazer, smart tailored chino style trousers, shirt and tie may be worn.


  • Coats and neck scarves are not to be worn indoors at any time.
  • No thick-knit jumpers/cardigans.
  • No hoodies, zipped or sports jumpers.
  • No heavy chequered, ‘lumberjack’ style shirts, T shirts or flannel shirts.
  • No low cut or strappy tops.
  • No denim or leather style clothing.
  • No leggings or capri pants.
  • No sculpted, lycra-style skirts.
  • No footless tights.
  • No trainer socks.
  • No trainers, soft shoes, flip-flops or sandals.
  • No exaggerated soles or heels.
  • No facial piercings.

Sports Kit is the necessary equipment for all core PE lessons.  It is essential that the sports kit is made of suitable performance fabrics and must include sports trainers.

Any student who breaches the Sixth Form Dress Code can expect to be sent home to change.

Some alternative suitable clothing is available for those who prefer to remain in School.


June 2020