Sixth Form Comments Autumn 2020

Temi Ekujumi

Sixth Form at St George’s has been an incredible experience so far with just the right balance of freedom and hard work as it actually prepares you for the real world after school, by slowly introducing us to be more independent and giving us the ability to choose what we do with our time.  If you’re worried about fitting in to a new environment honestly don’t be because everyone is a little apprehensive going to a new place but with so many social events, clubs or House competitions, there are loads of opportunities for you to make new friends and meet new people.  There’s always something for everyone, whether you’re sporty, arty, a chess pro, good at music or you’re like me who just likes to have a good time, you will fit in perfectly.  I’ve made so many new friends here which I hope to keep for a long time after we leave.  St George’s is a really great place to be with the teachers supporting you wherever you may need it and the school community in general just being really welcoming.

Lottie Ashcroft

I am so glad to be studying A Levels at St George’s.  The 6th form has a great combination of independent study and structure.  Although it may not work for everyone, the disciplined environment means I am consistently striving to reach my potential.  This makes it easy to balance the large but manageable workload as well as enjoying the privileges of sixth form life. 

Since joining Year 12, I have felt a great sense of community amongst the year group.  Even in these unusual times I feel integrated within the whole school.  When surrounded by subject teachers and tutors who are always there to help and genuinely want the best for me, I find myself only too willing to give back to younger years through mentoring and any other way possible.  To me that is what makes the atmosphere at this school so special.

Henry Middleton

As a previous St George’s student for five years, the idea of Sixth Form was very daunting to me because of the jump from Year 11 to Sixth Form and all the responsibilities that come with it.  However, the first couple of weeks in Sixth Form have been incredible, the way in which everyone in the Sixth has come together as a community is amazing.  The atmosphere in the first couple of days was welcoming and friendly with the Upper Sixth greeting and including us.  A huge change from Year 11 is the independence you are given as a Sixth Form student, St George’s Sixth Form provides the perfect place for someone who wants find themselves and achieve the best possible grades at the same time.  

What I have noticed in the first weeks in the Sixth Form is the vast amount of support that the students can seek if they are struggling with the transfer from Year 11.  St George’s provides a helpful and understanding place that wants the best for you, the Sixth Form staff, teachers, tutors, your Head of House, learning support and student services are all there for you if required.  

Coming into Sixth Form I envisioned it to be an overwhelming and an impossible workload that would only result in stress, but if you fully immerse yourself into the school spirit and make full use of your study periods all those thoughts become a matter of the past.  I am ecstatic to spend my next two years at such an inclusive school and I truly believe these next two years will be the best two years of my educational experience.

Hawwa Zaman

I joined St George's as an external student, originally I attended a high school in Luton and I applied to St George’s for a plethora of reasons, but the main reason being the opportunities St George’s could provide me with post 18. 

Being new to the School I had a lot of worries like; did I pick the right A Levels?  Will I make friends?  Are the teachers nice?  I was extremely anxious to say the least.  However, after my first day all the nerves went away.  Despite being an external student I never was made to feel like one, I never felt ostracized or like I didn't belong.  From the very beginning I made many friends and felt very welcome.  

The staff at St George's are so supportive, they all really take the time to help you and genuinely have your best interest at heart.  Especially the Sixth Form who were very welcoming; they understood how all the students were feeling after an eventful past 6 months and the change from GCSE to Sixth Form, they made the transitions easy.  On top of that they are very helpful whenever I need help or advice on things like: uni open days, personal statement issues, or just help in general. 

 I can confidently say I would not want to be studying my A Levels anywhere else.  And I am excited to see where my journey with St George’s will lead me at the end of the next two years.

Noah Boxall

Life as a Sixth Form St George’s student has - above all - prepared me for the future.  The one and a half years I have spent studying here has matured and readied me for my further studies in the next stage of education.  One of the skills I am most grateful to have obtained is time management.  Deciding how to best allocate my time to achieve the goals I set for myself - avoiding procrastination and distractions - has made me a much more focused and logical worker.  In the Sixth Form, I have benefitted from many opportunities to further myself and make me a more well-rounded individual.  An example of this is the prefect scheme; this is a very competitive yet enjoyable process in which each student has the chance to become a part of their House's prefect team in a specific role.  

Socially, the Sixth Form is a welcoming and warm environment.  As a student who has spent all my secondary school life at St George’s, I can honestly say that my current friendship group is made up of just as many new students as ones who I knew before.  Throughout my Sixth Form education, my subject teachers have all been outgoing in their efforts to assist me with any difficulties I have had, and regular tutor base time with peers and my tutor have really helped me with aspects of school life aside from academics: whether that be as major as applying to universities through UCAS or as simple as recommending me a good Netflix show to enjoy on the weekend!  I have really enjoyed my time at St Georges Sixth Form and felt it has given me the opportunity to thrive in a comfortable, professional and friendly work environment.

Nia Martin

I have been a St George’s student for the past 5 years and the prospect of joining sixth form was still daunting to me as I was aware of how much more demanding A Level work would be, especially after 6 months of no school work.  However, when starting sixth form I was immediately struck with how welcoming the sixth form was.  With the quick integration of previous new pupils a strong sense of community is established within a short period of time.  I quickly adapted to my new surroundings and familiar to the facilities that are available to encourage every student to succeed to your best ability.  It quickly became apparent that you are not defined by your previous exam results, it is a clean slate for everyone to achieve.

I was always aware that the step up from GCSE’s to A Levels was going to be large, however sixth form provides an incredible support system to help support students.  You are given a huge amount of new independence and are now in control of your own learning.  The study periods that you are given are hugely beneficial for staying on top of your workload.  The sixth form provides outstanding facilities and support, which includes the sixth form staff, tutors and teachers, meaning there is always someone if you need help.  Starting A Levels has helped me develop my self-discipline and organisation in order to ensure I get my work done and don’t get overwhelmed by the workload.  As well as that, the hours that you have to put into your work in independent study has allowed me to develop a passion for my subjects.

St George’s sixth form allows more leadership roles to support younger years.  For example, one-to-one mentoring with year 7s.  This helps year 7s settle into their new environment, provides a support system for them, and gives them a familiar face around the school.  Moreover, sixth form has provided me with the opportunity to coach year 7 lacrosse, which creates a wider sense of community with the extra-curricular scheme and provides additional leadership roles for older students.  The school provides a large amount of senior extra-curricular opportunities, unique trips like trekking glaciers in Iceland, or learning a new language such as Mandarin.  Not only that, but House events such as House music, House rugby and lacrosse break down year group boundaries and help create a sense of strong community between the Houses and the school as a whole.

Initially I was anxious about joining sixth from but after two weeks I already feel settled in and have developed a love for the subjects I am doing.  There is nowhere else I would rather be doing my A Levels and am looking forward to spending the next two years here, which are looking to be the best two years I have ever spent at school.

Harry Whitehouse

I was attracted to St George’s for several reasons but their outstanding reputation for being the best comprehensive school in the country as well as the amazing rugby facilities were huge factors in moving. 

Having studied at an all boy school my whole life I was uncertain about how I would adjust to the change in environment.  However, I found myself fully adjusted to the new way of school life within a few days.  What dawned on me before joining St George’s was getting the balance of socializing and working correct.  I found that throwing myself into school life was the best way to go about making a smooth transition.  Everyone at St George’s was extremely welcoming and to my surprise I had made strong friendships with internal students within the first week. 

The step up from GCSE has come with challenges.  However, by keeping up to date with homework and by doing extra revision, I have managed to stay on top of my studies and make a smooth transition into life at St George’s.

Ben Williams

Joining St George’s for Sixth Form, having come from a much smaller school, seemed like a daunting prospect; however my experience so far has been hugely positive.  As soon as I joined I was paired with a “Buddy” and all the external pupils met together with a small group of Year 12s before the whole year returned to school - this made the transition into the school much easier, and all those internal students were welcoming and friendly.

The structure that we are given in Sixth Form helps create good independent study habits, and it is clear that while we may only have a few “real” lessons a day, we are expected to make the most of our time in school, and to work on prep and independent study when possible.  Along with the responsibility of independent study, Year 12s are also given a Year 7 to mentor - this system seems hugely beneficial for the Year 7s, while simultaneously giving us Year 12s a sense of responsibility - and acts to remind us that the younger years see us as role models.

On top of this the pride in the school (which is clearly shared by both teachers and pupils) is almost palpable - even in my first month at the school some Old Georgians organised a seminar for pupils interested in medical professions.  The sports teams, which are clearly very skilled and have an impressive history of rugby players, are also inclusive to those who haven’t even thrown a rugby ball before.  Contrary to what I expected this sense of pride doesn’t bring an air of arrogance, but means that each pupil feels responsible for the school in both their work and in extracurricular activities - at St George’s you feel like a part of something bigger, and that means that you feel significant because of the responsibility, not insignificant because of the school’s size.

So, while it is a change from the environment I’m used to, a transition to St George’s Sixth Form is possible, and even positively enjoyable - I would highly recommend the Sixth Form to anyone looking to join.

Jay McCarney-Redford

St George’s Sixth Form is actually quite strict.  Now this may seem like a bad thing but I believe that it really is an advantage.  They force the best out of you and to overall be the best you can be.  Another big advantage to Sixth Form at St George’s is the refectory, and in particular “Janice’s”.  Janice’s is like the Sixth Form’s very own coffee shop, there is everything from coffee, to sandwiches to sweets and is probably one of the major perks to Sixth Form life!  

I also enjoy Sixth Form life as I am studying the subjects I really like.  I do not need to be found sleeping in geography or be distracted in art because I am excited to learn, I have fun doing the work which is a sentence I never thought I would say.  Overall Sixth Form life is enjoyable and I have relished my short time here so far.

Sam Pesez

Even though, I have been at St George's since Year 7, moving into Year 12 was still a massive step up, with changes both to the school environment and school work, which was slightly frightening to begin with.  However, within a few days in Sixth- Form I felt instantly comfortable with areas to socialise but also areas to work with both the Head and Deputy-Head of Sixth Form always available if you are in need of any help.  There is such a friendly and supportive environment in Sixth Form; students in the year above always willing to give advice and teachers always able to answer any urgent questions.

The great thing about St George's Sixth Form is the feeling of community; although we are somewhat separate from the rest of the School, we are also simultaneously involved with other years. Whether it be the Year 12s mentoring Year 7 students or the opportunity to take on leadership and organise events or activities for the rest of the School.  There is also something to please everyone; for actors there is the School play or if you are more athletic there is the opportunity to compete.  And even if at the time there isn’t something that takes to your liking instantly, teachers are willing to help you set up your own activities.  St George's Sixth Form is really the place for everyone.